Question and Answers

Q: What is this page all about?
A:  is a collection of recordings from speaker meetings, conventions and workshops of 12-step studies, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups and Narcotics Anonymous.

Q: Who runs these pages?
A: A friend of Bill W.

Q: How is the pages paid for?
A: We are trying to be self supporting with the adds you see…. You can skip a ad or close it on the video’s, or if they bother you don’t look at it, it won’t prevent you from listing to the speaker one bit.

Q: Can I donate to the page?
A: No we don’t accept donations at this time.

Q: I use to see some movie stars, and rock stars tapes, what happen to them?
A: Attention: we’ve removed the speakers stage name thinking that was the right thing to do… from now on do a search for “Famous Speaker” to get a list from our website of your favorite stars.

Q: Can I tell others about you?
A: Yes, by all means. Please tell others about the site if you think it would help them. If you run a recovery related site or homepage you are more than welcome to link to us. Since we are using YouTube it’s easy to share. You can use the Social button on the side of most pages to share with your friends!

Q: Do you have tapes from the 2005, 2010 international [AA] convention?
A: Yes I have the tapes but No we don’t list them…  These talks are © 2005 , 2010 Sound Images & AA. We do not carry copyright material.

Q: Do you accept speaker tapes?
A: Yes. Absolutely. If you have it, we want it. The only requirement for a speaker tape is that it be in English and from a proven 12-step program that follows the twelve steps, traditions and concepts.  Send them attached in a mp3 format to

Q: Why MP3?
A: MP3 is cross platform. MP3 it is easy to work with.

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