Joe and Charlie Big Book Study Tapes

One of my favorites Is Joe and Charlie, Their Big Book Study is used by thousand, and every tape below is well done! On this page you can watch this video which has all the Joe and Charlie Tapes in one sitting, or you can scroll down and listen to their individual tapes.

Here is a list of all there tapes.


Joe McQ. & Charlie P. met in 1973 when Joe introduced Charlie as the AA speaker at an Al-Anon Convention. Joe had wondered if Charlie might be the country-western singer Charlie Pride. He wasn’t even the right color, Joe laments. They instantly discovered their mutual fascination with AA’s basic text The Big Book. What interested them most was that The Big Book was written in a particular sequence to convey certain ideas. That interest began a close friendship which has lasted to this day. They would frequently meet to discuss the book, often driving 225 miles to meet in each other’s homes.

Soon they were planning meetings in hotel rooms at AA conventions in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and within a few years, the meetings grew in popularity. In 1977, some members met in a Tulsa, OK hotel room for a discussion of the Big Book. One asked Joe & Charlie to come to his home group to present a program on the book. An AA taper made a four tape set of their presentation and called it The Big Book Study. The tapes were gradually circulated throughout the fellowship and invitations were received for Joe & Charlie to present the study at AA conventions, roundups and special events. By 1980, there had been about eight studies offered.

At the 1980 International AA Convention in New Orleans, Westly P. an impassioned Big Booker from Pompano Beach, Florida, organized a lunch for 1,500 AAs from all over the world and gave away 100 Joe & Charlie tape sets as door prizes. Invitations exploded and within a couple of years, Joe & Charlie were presenting about 36 studies a year worldwide. Obviously, the seminars struck a deep chord within AA members … for the reaffirmation of this message as written in April 1939 with the publication of the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Studies have been given in 48 states and most Canadian provinces. Additionally, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands have all hosted the Big Book Study seminars with Joe & Charlie.

The original Joe McQ. had to curtail his travels in the late 1990’s. Oddly enough, another Joe — Joe McC., active in the study group since the beginning –was able to pick up the slack. Where God guides, God provides, as some members say.

All this growth did not come without a measure of turbulence. What spiritual journey does not encounter obstacles? Some fellow AAs have termed the duo, self-appointed gurus. Others have
accused them of making money on these weekends. Actually, only travel expenses, meals and lodging were paid for by the independent AA host committee sponsoring the study. This is in accordance with the AA Guidelines for Conferences and Conventions (MG4), published by the General Service Office. Since 1977, an estimated 200,000 AA Members have experienced the spiritual benefits of these collective studies.

As was always Charlie’s hope other members in different areas have picked up where Joe and Charlie, Willie and John left off. Won’t you be the next to pass it on?

Joe McQ. died Oct. 25, 2007

Willie B. died January 23, 2011

Charlie P. died April 21, 2011

It is with great sadness that we add Joe to this list. Our heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends who will miss him dearly.
Joe McC. passed at 1:45 PM on November 24, 2014


14 comments on “Joe and Charlie Big Book Study Tapes
  1. gail sevier says:

    Joe and Charlie’s BB Study changed my recovery from mediocre to a profound spiritual journey that gets better and better for the last 31 years.

  2. sharon hager says:

    They saved my life

  3. dawn b says:

    I love joe and charlie

  4. dwayne s says:

    These 2 men and their tapes have made my journey easier too understand and WORK!

  5. Joseph Gallione says:


  6. Benjamin Van George Jr. says:

    Thanks for the news and I am going to see if I have any of the tapes!!!

  7. Elaine M. says:

    I thank God for my home group in Elko, NV. I’ve had to grow up in AA, and these men and women carry the message of hope. My thanks to Joe and Charlie. We held a Speaker tape meetings, and afterward I asked to borrow the tapes. I learned alot through the these men. And continue to share the message of hope as it was freely given to me. I fought every step, aggressively trying to keep coming back. I was stubborn through and through to pick and poke, and no one kicked me out. That chapped my hide more than anything.Keep coming back,angry and irritable and the truth you know ,these guys know, my how the proud have fallen. To do the steps different, does not work, ever, thank God for solutions proved true. Read the Big Book.

  8. Dave Reynoso says:

    I had the pleasure of hearing them around September, 2004 in Sacramento, Ca. Would like to find that bb study tapes again.
    There was a fellow named John W. from Pompano Beach, FL. That I can’t find either. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

  9. Paula Evangel says:

    I am forever greatfull to have received as a gift the Joe n Carlie CD set. I was a chronic relapsor. Today, I am recovered,contingent on my spiritual condition daily. I often loan them to others and use them as teaching tools often in my work with others. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to meet them, I know they are with me in the fellowship of the spirit. No words can describe the understanding, the growth and my desire to pass what was so unselfishly, and freely given to me. Having received such valuable nuggets, it is my responsibility to take action. Steps 10-12, with constant thought of how I can better present the solution to the newcomer. God Bless

  10. chris cook jr' says:

    i am first nation from alert bay bc,my a a birthday is sept 3 1988,there is aprox 1200 on my reservation,we are starting a big book study and i would lik to purchase joe and charie cd s. we have a treatment centre on our reserve

  11. Kevin says:

    Where can I get all joe and Charlie big book study ?

  12. Steve A. says:

    WOW. These legends truly ARE amazing!

  13. Christina Kossack says:

    How can I get a copy of the Joe & Charlie Big Book Study? And also all the steps they have on cd`s 1 through 12

    • Sizwe A (Fishhoek Group, Cape Town, South Africa says:

      I haven’t met these amazing men but their tapes and shares are real and it touch my soul and heart.These are some of people that really made impact on my sobriety and manner others i talk to.Lets pick up spear where they left it and take AA forward with the Program- Twelve steps

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